Your goods arrive as easily as this: The shipping.

We transport your favorite items any way you like: 

  • Conveniently delivered from door to door – you do not have to worry about a thing
  • From your door to an airport 
  • From an airport to your door 
  • From airport to airport 

If the transport starts or ends at an airport, we unfortunately cannot handle all of the formalities for you. Please consult the FAQs at "Questions about airport-to-airport service" to get an overview on the things you have to do yourself when booking this service. 

Time for joyful anticipation: Delivery times. 

Between Europe and the USA, we deliver within 
7 – 19 days from door to door 
3 – 7 days from airport to airport 

Within Europe, your receive your consignment within 
4 –12 days from door to door 

Planned down to the last detail: Collection and delivery with the door-to-door service. 

To ensure that you definitely do not miss the collection and delivery of your consignment, shipping within Europe includes two collection and delivery attempts, while a fixed date is agreed upon in the U.S.

Simply provide the desired address for collection and delivery and tell us how to contact the sender and recipient. Whether it is the top floor or the most distant corner of the basement – we pick up goods anywhere, if required, for an additional fee and will deliver them directly to where they are needed. This comfort service is available in selected countries.
We also require the telephone numbers of the sender and the recipient to ensure smooth, trouble-free transport.

The pickup and delivery is on any business day of your choice (Monday to Friday). In the U.S., you can set a pickup time between 9 am and 5 pm. 

Please be aware that you are responsible for the packaging of the goods. Your consignment has to be well protected to avoid damage from handling and transport. We have compiled some tips about packaging in the FAQs

A sure thing: Insure your consignment. 

You have the option of buying insurance for particularly precious items during the booking process. In the event your shipment is lost or damaged, the insurance guarantees coverage for goods of all kinds during the entire journey.

The insurance 

  • is specially tailored to airfreight risks
  • covers the transport from door to door
  • includes transport-related storage up to 30 days 

The maximum insured amount per shipment is EUR 500,000 or the equivalent sum in a foreign currency. In the event of damage, payment is made quickly and without red tape. 

Our reliable partner delvag will provide you with the terms and conditions of the insurance policies here.

We generally insure your consignment with 19 special drawing rights (SDR) per kilo. You can access the most up-to-date conversion for SDRs on the website of the International Monetary Fund.

What can legally be shipped: Cargo regulations. 

There are hardly any limits to your shipping desires with myAirCargo. As a basic principle we say that we will carry whatever fits on the plane. The only exceptions are items that are illegal in your home country or the destination country, or those that could endanger our employees and aircraft. Live animals, perishable goods and dangerous goods are also excluded. More details are available in the FAQs.

Send your goods now!

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