Roll with it: How to pack carpets.

While carpets are sturdy and not prone to damage easily, we still recommend investing some time into careful packaging to ensure your carpet is protected from moisture, dust and dirt.

Suitable packaging materials:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Shrinking foil
  • High-quality tape

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Roll the carpet up tightly, with the bottom side facing outwards. Secure the roll using tape.
  2. Wrap the rolled-up carpet in bubble wrap and use tape to once again secure the roll.
  3. Now wrap the roll in shrinking foil. This type of foil is adhesive, so there is no need for additional tape.
  4. Tape the myAirCargo label provided with your booking confirmation to the outside of the roll.

Please remember:

  • It is your responsibility to pack your items securely for transport. myAirCargo and our insurance provider will assume no liability for damages caused by improper packaging.
  • Our drivers and our airport staff can refuse transport if they fear poor packaging might cause a safety hazard for your items, other shipments or our staff.