Large load: How to pack furniture and oddly shaped items.

Packing furniture and other oddly shaped or sized objects for international transport might seem like a challenge. But with our instructions below, you can easily make sure that your items reach their destination safely.

Suitable packaging materials:

  • Heavy duty cardboard (twin or triple cushioned)
  • Edge protectors (can be bought at DIY stores, packaging stores or online)
  • Bubble wrap
  • Shrinking foil
  • High-quality tape
  • Zip ties

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Fix all moving parts of your items (such as drawers or doors) into place using tape or zip ties. If using tape, please make sure that it will not cause damage or stains to your item. We recommend placing some tape in an inconspicuous spot and removing it to make sure it does not leave any marks.
  2. Place edge protectors on all edges of your item and fix them with tape.
  3. Wrap the item in ample bubble wrap. Use tape to secure it.
  4. Then wrap the item in shrinking foil. This foil is adhesive, so there is no need for additional tape.
  5. Lastly, use heavy duty cardboard to protect your item from all sides. Carefully tape all edges where the individual pieces of cardboard meet. For additional stability, add another layer of shrinking foil.
  6. Tape the myAirCargo label provided with your booking confirmation to the outside of the item.

Helpful leads:

  • Always use new cardboard, as used cardboard provides less stability.

Please remember:

  • It is your responsibility to pack your items securely for transport. myAirCargo and our insurance provider will assume no liability for damages caused by improper packaging.
  • Our drivers and our airport staff can refuse transport if they fear poor packaging might cause a safety hazard for your items, other shipments or our staff.