The art of wrapping: How to pack artwork.

Shipping artwork internationally is a delicate task. Before booking myAirCargo for your painting or sculpture, please note the following:

While we handle each and every shipment with utmost care, myAirCargo is not a specialized art forwarder. We cannot accept shipments that require special handling (e.g. upright loading), humidity control or that are highly fragile. We only accept artwork by contemporary artists that could in theory be replaced by a similar piece and which does not exceed a value of 1000 EUR per kilogram.

To transport artwork, we strongly suggest professional packaging. For customers in Europe, we recommend for made-to-order flight cases. The following instructions are a general guideline for packaging. Please adapt them to your artwork based on your own judgement.

Suitable packaging materials:

  • Professional, custom-made flight case or sturdy packaging with cushioned inside walls
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cushioning materials (e.g. foam rubber)
  • High-quality tape

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Wrap the artwork in ample bubble wrap.
  2. Seal all edges and flaps with tape to provide protection against moisture.
  3. Place the artwork inside the professional flight case and fill any remaining space with cushioning material. The artwork should not be able to move inside the packaging.
  4. Close the packaging and tape the myAirCargo label provided with your booking confirmation to the outside.

Helpful leads:

  • For any objects of art that are very valuable, fragile, unique or require special handling, Lufthansa Cargo offers Safe/td2 – a specialized air transport product for artwork. To book Safe/td2, please contact an art forwarder.

Please remember:

  • It is your responsibility to pack your items securely for transport. myAirCargo and our insurance provider will assume no liability for damages caused by improper packaging.
  • Our drivers and our airport staff can refuse transport if they fear poor packaging might cause a safety hazard for your items, other shipments or our staff.