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Experience Route 66 on your own motorcycle!

myAirCarco will deliver your motorcycle to Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando.


Having your motorcycle transported easily: 
From Germany, Austria and Switzerland to selected destinations in the U.S. − and back.

Would you like to travel along the legendary Route 66 from Lake Michigan to the Pacific Coast on your own motorcycle or take a daring tour through Death Valley to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon?  

Now you can fulfil those dreams easily: with myAirCargo we will collect your motorcycle from Germany, Austria or Switzerland either from your door or from a trusted garage of your choice and fly it to the starting and destination points of Route 66 – the airports in Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando. Of course, we can also fly your motorbike from the USA to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Simply book the airfreight service by calling 00800 55442244 in the E.U. or 1 844 805 3844 in the U.S. (Mon-Fri from 8 am to 6 pm; calls are free of charge) or send an email to Please note that on account of EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) processing times, you must book at least five weeks before dispatch.

We will be happy to advise you personally and support you in preparing your motorcycle tour in the U.S.


Booking: At least five weeks before the flight. 

Book your motorcycle transport in good time: To make sure that approval from the authorities for you to use your motorcycle in the U.S. can be issued in time, you must book at least five weeks before the flight. 


Collection: Twelve days before the flight.
Our logistics partner SKS will collect your motorcycle about 12 days before the flight so that it will be ready for you when you arrive in the U.S. The driver will secure your bike in a dedicated transport rack in which it will remain for the entire transport.


Delivery: To the cargo stations in Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando.
We currently fly your bike to the airports in Chicago, Los Angeles and Orlando, where you can pick it up at the air cargo terminal.
Due to US security regulations, we can only accept bikes for flights to Europe at Los Angeles and Chicago. We plan to offer motorbike shipping from further airports soon.

You ask, we answer: FAQs on motorcycle transport using myAirCargo.

How long can my motorcycle stay in the U.S.?

The maximum period the motorcycle can be kept in the U.S. is one year.

What travel documents are required to be able to book a motorcycle transport using myAirCargo?

In order to book, you require different documents, e.g.

  • A valid passport 
  • A valid visa or ESTA
  • Your driving license
  • The vehicle’s registration certificate
  • International insurance, obtainable from, for example:

TourInsure Agentur für Touristenversicherungen GmbH
Herrengraben 5
20459 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 25172150
Fax +49 40 25172121

The motorcycle must be registered under the travelers name in his/her country of residence.

All other documents are created by myAirCargo and you.

What must I do to prepare the transport of the motorcycle?

  • For U.S. customs purposes the motorcycle must be thoroughly cleaned before transport.
  • The tank may only be filled up to a maximum of ¼ of the tank volume or a maximum of five liters, whichever is smaller.
  • Motorcycle equipment will be transported in a separate transport box. However, this must not include any pressurized containers (e.g. chain oil, tire repair sets), flammable materials or other dangerous goods.

Any questions? The myAirCargo team will be glad to help.

What does the motorcycle transport process look like?

Step 1: 

After telephone consultation and booking, the preparatory phase begins.
During the booking process, you specify the desired route, further details about the motorcycle and the desired start date of the tour. The myAirCargo team will create all necessary documents with you.

Step 2: 
After the collection date and time have been arranged, the motorcycle will be collected from you or a trusted dealer of your choice. In order to do this we will make a transport frame and an equipment box available. We will also transport the motorcycle to the airport and take care of the customs clearance for you. Customs processing in Germany and the U.S. takes about three days on each side.

Step 3:
We will deliver the motorcycle to the Lufthansa Cargo station at the airport selected in the U.S. 

Step 4:
After you have completed your journey it will be received once more at the Lufthansa Cargo station of the airport chosen. Your myAirCargo team will have all the necessary information ready for you.

Step 5: 
We will also take care of the customs formalities for you. The motorcycle will be delivered directly to your door or to the garage you have specified.

Who will pick-up or deliver my bike?

We cooperate with the motorbike experts at SKS for pick-up and delivery in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. SKS is a forwarder specialising in the transport of motorbikes – using custom-made transport racks, they move around 60,000 bikes per year throughout Europe.

Booking motorcycles?

For individual consultation and booking dial:

 00800 5544 2244 (E.U.)

 1 844 805 3844 (U.S.)