General questions about myAirCargo

What is "myAirCargo"?

myAirCargo is a service for the international shipment of heavy and oversized items – exclusively standard cargo. The offer is for private persons and does not apply to commercial shipments.

What different modes of transport are available and in what ways do they differ?
We offer four different services for the transport of your shipment: door-to-door service (intercontinental and continental), airport-to-airport service (intercontinental only), door-to-airport service (intercontinental only) and airport-to-door service (intercontinental only).

Door-to-door service:
this service involves collecting the shipment at the sender’s address and delivering it to the recipient’s. We take care of all customs formalities and offer you a comprehensive service as well as complete price transparency.

Airport-to-airport service:
involves transport from one airport to another. The customer is responsible for all services outside the transport process and takes care of, for instance, collection from and delivery to the local Lufthansa Cargo location, and also customs clearance.

Door-to-airport service:
this combination of the first two versions involves collection and export customs clearance. The import customs clearance is the responsibility of the recipient, who must also collect the shipment at the destination airport.

Airport-to-door service:
in this combination of the first two versions, the sender takes the goods to the airport and assumes responsibility for customs clearance there. We will take care of the customs clearance in the destination country and deliver the shipment to the recipient’s address.
Which countries does myAirCargo serve?

We currently offer collection and delivery in 25 European countries and the U.S. Available countries/airports vary depending on whether the door-to-door or airport-to-airport transport service is required.

The myAirCargo airport-to-airport service is currently only available at selected airports in Germany and the US and will be expanded step by step:

The following airports are available for exports and imports in Europe: 
Berlin, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Stuttgart 

For exports and imports in the U.S.: 
Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York City 

Further regions will be introduced. 

Questions about the booking process

How is a booking process started?
You can start your booking process online on myaircargo.com. Here, we will take you through the ordering process step by step and show you how to create a shipping order for the route chosen and the extra services you require.
Can I book offline and pay in cash, by wire transfer or direct debit?

Bookings are possible exclusively online at our website (www.myaircargo.com). Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a booking at any of the Lufthansa Cargo stations. A credit card is required for payment.

Additionally, you can redeem Miles & More award miles. With the myAirCargo mixed payment, you can flexibly determine the amount of miles you would like to redeem (from a minimum of 7500 miles) and pay the remaining cost using your credit card.

Please note that award miles can only be redeemed for the cost of transport. Taxes and duties must be paid by credit card. 

Currently, myAirCargo offers the redemption of miles; an accrual of award miles is not offered.

Payments in cash, by wire transfer or direct debit are not accepted.

What information is required when booking?
We kindly ask you to provide the following information:

Place of origin and destination: 
We require the availability date (for collecting the shipment), time and location. The necessary customs documents depend on the country in which the destination airport is located. Please find out about any import restrictions the destination country may have.

Description of objects: 
Please describe the contents of your shipment precisely. A good description is crucial to customs clearance in good time. You will find more information on customs clearance within these FAQs at "Questions about door-to-door service" respectively "Questions about airport-to-airport service".

Quantity, weight and dimensions:
Please state the approximate weight (you can choose from different weight ranges) and precise dimensions (height, length and breadth) of each object. We use this information to determine the chargeable weight of your shipment. 

Information on sender and recipient:
We require the full name, address, telephone number and email address of both the sender and the recipient of the shipment. Please also state the collection and delivery addresses should they not correspond with the sender’s and/or recipient’s address.

Photos and invoice:
In order to guarantee trouble-free transport and customs clearance, please send us pictures of the shipment. Additionally an invoice is mandatory whenever new goods are involved. 

Questions about freight and packaging

Are there any restrictions on the objects I can send?
Any objects that are illegal either in your country or the destination country or could endanger our employees and planes are not permitted. Living animals, perishable goods and dangerous goods are also excluded from transport. 

The dangerous goods category contains the following:
flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive and corrosive liquids, substances and gases. These include, for example, computers, CRT televisions, perfumes, nail varnish, dry ice, batteries and articles that contain aerosols (e.g. spray cans), which can all be classified as dangerous goods. In order to guarantee that you are not shipping dangerous goods, please state the exact type of goods that are to be shipped. 

There are also some import restrictions on certain articles in some countries. Please note that you as the sender are responsible for your shipment. You are obliged to find out about and adhere to all the export and import regulations. So please visit the website of the relevant customs authorities to find out what import regulations are in place in the destination country. 
What dimensions, volumes and weights are permitted?

This depends on the route selected and the plane being used. As a basic principle we say that we will carry whatever fits on the plane. Please enter the basic data regarding your shipment on our website. You will be informed if the dimensions or weight exceed the threshold values.

The maximum dimensions are 300 x 170 x 120 cm (i.e. 118 x 47 x 66 inch) in length/width/height. In case you have an item to be transported with even larger dimensions please contact us by mail and we will check the feasibility of transport on an individual basis.

Is the value of the objects limited to a certain amount?
The value of the objects should not exceed €1,000/kg. Objects that are more valuable than this require special clearance services. 
Must I pack my objects? If so, what must my shipment look like and how do I obtain suitable packing material?

You must ensure that your shipment has been properly packed and protected for transport in order to avoid damage during clearance and transport.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Use solid cardboard boxes that are a little larger than the objects that are being shipped in order to allow room for padding material. Do not over-pack boxes. 
  • If you are reusing cardboard packaging, make sure it is not damaged. Remove any existing labels from the packaging. 
  • Wrap all objects individually in padding material (such as newspaper or bubble wrap). 
  • Fill up any empty spaces with padding and/or filling material (e.g. crumpled-up newspaper, polystyrene chips) so that the objects cannot be moved around during transport.
  • Add a separate label to the shipment with the addresses and telephone numbers of the recipient and the sender. 
  • Use stable adhesive tape that is at least 5 cm wide in order to seal the shipment securely. Seal up the box evenly at the top and the bottom with adhesive tape so that the flaps and edges are covered.
  • Label the shipment correctly and make sure you put the sender’s address on it. 


You can obtain packaging material from DIY stores. They usually offer a wide range of bubble wrap, upholstery material, cardboard packaging, packing paper and foam, padding materials, filling materials (“polystyrene chips”), shipping material, packaging tape, disposable pallets, cardboard boxes and many other items. 

I am afraid my shipment may be damaged. Is my shipment insured during transport?
As a reliable shipping partner with the highest quality standards, Lufthansa Cargo always handles your belongings with the utmost care. Should something happen all the same, we are liable (in accordance with the applicable regulations) at most with 19 special drawing rights (SDRs) for each kilogram affected in your shipment. As a result, the maximum amount reimbursed depends on the weight − not the value − of your shipment. We recommend additional insurance for customers who wish to send especially valuable cargo. The insurance can be selected during the booking process.
How do I get the best possible protection for my cargo?
During the booking process, you have the option to take out additional insurance on valuable items. Our reliable partner delvag will provide you here with the terms and conditions of the insurance policies.

Questions about prices

How much does the shipment of objects of unusual size cost?
Transport costs depend on the location of origin and destination, the service chosen, dimensions, weight and any additional services, so we cannot provide any general information about the price. For this reason we will tell you the exact prices for your goods during the booking process - in real time.
Are there any additional service fees I should know about?

As part of the real-time online booking process we will list all cost items individually. Additional fees may be incurred in the following circumstances:

  • If the actual dimensions differ from those you have stated on our website. In this event we must invoice the difference for transport. 
  • During customs clearance (for those services that include it), depending on the type of objects we are shipping for you. If there are different customs duties and taxes, we will invoice or refund the difference. 
  • With our airport-to-airport service there will be additional fees if the shipment is not collected up within 48 hours.

Questions about door-to-door service

What are the product features of the door-to-door service?

With the myAirCargo door-to-door service we will collect your shipment from a location of your choice, deliver them to the address you have provided us with and take care of all the formalities. 

For all the details please look at our service overview.

How long does it take from the time of booking until my shipment is collected and/or delivered?

While you are booking on our website, we will inform you about how long the transport will take via the route chosen.

The following applies to door-to-door service:

  • Collection: 2–6 workdays 
  • Transport by plane: 3–7 days 
  • Delivery: 2–6 workdays

Collection and delivery are available Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm. When the shipment is ready we will contact you in order to arrange a date and time with you. 

Can I cancel or change my order after booking? Can I change the destination of a shipment in transit or make a correction to the address free of charge?

Prior to the receipt of our second and final order confirmation you can change or cancel your order. Up to that point no additional costs are incurred.

Neither is there any additional cost if the re-routing of a shipment only has a minor/insignificant impact on our transport network (e.g. change of street to a nearby street in the same district). However, the verification and handling processes associated with a change frequently lead to delays.

In the event of more major changes or the cancellation of an order in transit, additional costs are incurred. For changes to your order please contact our Service Center

via email

or via phone

  •  00800 55442244 (E.U.)
  •  1 844 805 3844 (U.S.). 

Please have the following information ready when you call: your order number or AWB number (air waybill), new destination address and telephone number of the recipient.

Do I have to declare my shipment and pay customs duty?

You are obliged to declare goods and pay duty. For door-to-door shipments we take care of customs clearance for you. In order to calculate the value of your shipment, we therefore require proper documentation. 

Thanks to our real-time online price calculation, all the components of the total price are automatically displayed during the booking process, so that you can identify what costs will be incurred. The customs duties are already included in this total price. However, additional customs duties can arise during customs clearance, depending on the type of items we are transporting for you. Where customs duty and taxes vary, the difference is invoiced or reimbursed. Please note that on certain routes you must fill out a customs form.

What happens if no-one can receive/accept the shipment?
If the destination is within Europe, two delivery or collection attempts are included. If the first attempt was not successful, we attempt to deliver the cargo a second time, after we have contacted you. For all further delivery attempts, additional charges apply. If you are shipping to the U.S., we will agree a precise date with you.
Can my items be stored in your warehouse until I return to my home country, so that I can definitely be home when the delivery arrives?
We know that travellers are generally not at home when they wish to have items transported from overseas to their home country. That is why we offer you the opportunity to store your goods for up to ten days in our warehouse at the destination. Please note that additional costs apply for each further day.
Can I send goods for which I no longer have an invoice?
The invoice is absolutely mandatory. Please contact the seller and request a new invoice. If that is not possible, Lufthansa Cargo can issue a pro forma invoice. For this reason we need to know the value of the goods. Please specify the value during the booking process.
What happens if the recipient refuses to accept the goods?
If the recipient cannot be reached, and if he is not present when the two free delivery attempts are made, there is an option to book an additional delivery date. If the recipient does not accept the shipment, the shipment is returned to the import warehouse. It is the responsibility of the sender to collect the shipment there. If he does not meet this obligation, the shipment is destroyed at the sender’s cost.

Questions about airport-to-airport service

What are the features of the airport-to-airport service?

The airport-to-airport service of myAirCargo involves transport from one airport to another, not to your door. You assume full responsibility for completing all customs formalities and for dropping off and collecting the cargo.

You will find all the details in our service summary.

How long will it take to transport my shipment?
Our standard processing time (including the actual transport) for the airport-to-airport service is 3–7 days.
Where do I have to drop off/pick up my shipment, and what do I need for this purpose?
To ease the use of the airport-to-airport services we compiled the following important information:
When do I need to drop off/pick up my shipment?

Your shipment may only be dropped off during the local opening hours of the according Lufthansa Cargo location. We will inform you of the opening hours when the booking is confirmed.

As soon as your shipment has arrived at the destination and is ready for collection, you will receive notification from us. Please note that storage fees maybe incurred if the shipment is not collected within 48 hours after the notification. 

Who can collect my shipment at the airport?
All persons who are specified in the recipient or address field can collect your shipment. You are personally responsible for arranging the collection and customs clearance of your shipment yourself or by a third party at the destination. Please be aware that in the case of delayed collection (> 48 hours) storage fees will be charged. 
How does the recipient find out that my shipment has arrived?
We will inform you when your shipment has arrived at Lufthansa Cargo at the destination airport. Please note that storage fees maybe incurred if the recipient does not collect the shipment within 48 hours after the notification.
Do I have to declare my shipment if it is a delivery from airport to airport? What customs documents do I need?

Every shipment must be declared. Whether you need to pay customs duties or not will depend on your customs declaration and the decision of the customs authority. You will be advised in advance by our service center of the opening hours and expected processing times of the customs office involved. You will also receive directions to the customs office at that time. However, please note that for the airport-to-airport service you are personally responsible for customs clearance.  

Please consult the internet (www.zoll.de for Germany, www.bmf.gv.at/zoll for Austria etc.) for information about customs clearance for the export and import station and also forward this information to the person who is collecting the shipment.

Please bear in mind that drop-off to/collection from a Lufthansa Cargo location is only possible after customs clearance.

A few documents frequently required are:

  • Receipt or proof of purchase for the goods to be sent, shipping list and pro forma invoice in the case of used goods (we will send you this with the confirmation email)
  • Other country-specific documentation requirements


The recipient of the shipment is responsible for paying all customs duties and taxes as well as any import clearance charges. Please note that you as the sender are ultimately responsible for all charges in the event that the recipient refuses to pay.

Do I have to pay customs duties or fees for my shipment?
The destination country will calculate levies or taxes for practically all international shipments. However, in many countries free allowances or exemptions apply for the import of used personal objects or presents up to a certain value. Please find out about the import regulations of the destination before you dispatch your goods. If customs duty is payable for your goods, the recipient must pay these charges when collecting the delivery at the Lufthansa Cargo location. If the recipient refuses to accept the shipment or the payment of the charges, the charges must be paid by you. 
Local processing fees in the stations of origin and destination are already included in the price.

General questions

I need the invoice or other documents for a previous myAirCargo delivery. What can I do?
Please contact our Service Center via email

or via phone

  •  00800 55442244 (E.U.)
  •  1 844 805 3844 (U.S.)

so that we can provide you with the documents required. 

How can I make claims for damage/loss of myAirCargo shipments, if a shipment does not arrive or arrives damaged?

If your shipment has not arrived, please contact our customer service as soon as possible with an exact description of the items and the shipment. Items that are not properly addressed or have come loose from their packaging are stored in our warehouses. 
In order to report an incident please contact our customer service via email

or via phone

  •  00800 55442244 (E.U.)
  •  1 844 805 3844 (U.S.). 


Important: Please provide us with your order number.

I have forgotten my order number. Where can I find it?

The order number is part of the subject line of the confirmation email that you receive after placing the order. We also include a reference to this specific order in every email. If you have no access to your email or have deleted all the messages, please contact us via email

or via phone

  •  00800 55442244 (E.U.)
  •  1 844 805 3844 (U.S.). 
I do not know the email address of the sender and/or the recipient. Is that a problem?
Emails are our main method of communication. Since we would like to stay in contact with you for the duration of the order, we require, as a minimum, the sender’s complete contact details, that is, email address and telephone number.
Who can answer further questions?
Our Service Center is at your disposal and is happy to answer any other questions. Please contact us via email

or via phone

  •  00800 55442244 (E.U.)
  •  1 844 805 3844 (U.S.). 

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